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This article to present somme elements about the battle of Cyfeiliog, 843, Wales


Merfyn "Frych" ap GWRIAD, "The Freckled", King of Powys, son of Gwriad ap Elidir and Nest verch Cadell,was born about 764 in Wales. He died in 843 in the Battle of Cyfeiliog, Ketell, Wales. He married Esyllt verch CYNAN. 

Merfyn Frych (the Freckled), Gwynedd, reigned abt. 825-844 son of Gwriad of Man. After the reign of Hywel 814-825. Merfyn came to power following the death of Hywel ap Caradog, and his accession marked the end of a period of turmoil in Gwynedd's affairs and the start of a new dynast. Merfyn was the son of Gwriad, the king of the Isle of Man, through whom he could claim descent from Llywarch Hen. His alliance with Powys meant that the two kingdoms presented a powerful front to the Saxons in the east.  Merfyn thus established a stable, if uneasy peace. Merfyn Frych died in 844 passing his reign to his son Rhodri Mawr who would become king of all North Wales.


Merfyn Frych ap Gwriad


Cadrod ap Gwriad


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