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Welcome to EPOS

Our Company
EPOS Health Management, headquartered in Germany, was founded in 1985 as an independent worldwide provider of consulting services in the health sector. We specialise in planning, management, and implementation as well as monitoring and evaluation of projects, services and programmes in the health sector in developing and threshold countries. Our Quality Management System is regularly audited and certified according to ISO 9001:2008 standards.
Following a participatory approach, EPOS has implemented during the last 20 years, over 290 projects in nearly 75 countries in the areas of:
·    Health Policy and Financing
·    Integrated Primary Health Care
·    Health Facilities and Services
Being part of the GOPA Group, EPOS belongs to one of the strongest consulting groups in Europe.

Our Expertise
We design, implement, and manage public and privately-financed projects focused on strengthening institutions and empowering people to improve overall health status. Our company expertise in health policy and financing, health facilities and services, and primary and reproductive health care translates into recognized know-how in:
·    Health Management Information Systems
·    Private Public Partnerships
·    Sector Wide Approaches
·    Medical Facility Licensing, Certification and Accreditation
·    Social Health Insurance
·    Health-Related Management Training
·    Social Marketing and Social Franchising

In executing its projects, EPOS provides resources and a network of skilled experts throughout the world, thus providing cost-effective and high quality services. Our long established reputation among European and Asian donors for high quality results strengthens our potential in the world development marketplace.


René Queffelec:

René Queffelec_portrait1

Project Manager


In addition to a degree in Business Management, Mr. Queffelec holds a graduate diploma in Chinese Language & Civilisation and another in Indonesian/Malaysian Language & Southeast Asian Studies. He joined EPOS in 2008, and is currently responsible for the KfW funded project on social marketing of condoms in Senegal. His expertise covers donor relations and project management, social marketing, health worker training, IEC/BCC material development for health education and HIV/AIDS prevention (including harm reduction for IDUs).



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René Queffelec’s core tasks within the company comprise project management and project backstopping. René’s areas of expertise include social marketing, communication for health, sexual and reproductive health as well as results-based financing (RBF). He has broad experience in donor relations, including KfW, GIZ, EU, DFID and WB.

In addition, René managed the KfW-funded project on social marketing in Senegal which was successfully completed in 2013 and backstopped a KfW HIV-Prevention project in China. He presently is responsible for the WB-funded “Technical Assistance Agency for the Monitoring and Evaluation of the Performance Based Financing Programme”.

Prior to joining EPOS in 2008, he worked as a project coordinator and programme manager in designing and implementing social marketing projects, human resources training and health communication initiatives in East Timor, China, Burma and Thailand.

In addition to a degree in business management, René holds a graduate diploma in Chinese language and civilisation and another in Indonesian/Malaysian language & Southeast Asian studies. He is fluent in his native language French, as well as in English and German.


René Queffelec_portrait3

Mr. Rene Queffelec, project coordinator, AMI. Forum on NGOs International Cooperation & Youth Exchange Programs


AMI is a French international medical NGO that was created in 1979 by a group of doctors formerly active in MSF (Medecines Sans Frontiers). AMI struggles across the world in order to respond to the needs of the people who are excluded from health care systems, and who live in conditions of utter peril. It actively participates in constructing and rehabilitating health infrastructures, as well as training medical staff.
SCI has provided assistance to civilians in countries of including Thailand, Burma, Cambodia, East Timor, Afghanistan, Albania, Haiti, Nicaragua, Mali, Niger, Congo, Zaire, etc.